Start Packing!

Using our containers is simple…

  • Call us at 631-727-3576 or request a quote online.
  • Schedule your delivery date, duration of rental, and pickup date.
  • We’ll deliver your container on your specified spot.
  • Load your items, like heavy furniture, outdoor living / pool accessories, seasonal items, etc.
  • Call us to pick up your container and store it for you until you’d like it back.
  • You may access your container anytime you’d like, just give us a quick call.
  • Of course we can move the container anywhere you’d like, or leave it on your property entirely.

Reserve Now!

We offer a premium storage container

  • Our in-house built container, the Storboxx, brings you another storage option.
  • The Storboxx has a translucent roof and white side panels on a tan steel frame.
  • The one piece, large door is very easy to open and close. Featuring a varnished wooden floor.
  • This option is great for storing furniture or artwork.
  • 8′ wide x 12′, 16′, and 20′ lengths available.
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